There will be a called meeting of the Board of Education, Friday, March 20, 2020 at 12:00pm.  The meeting will be held at 85 Peachtree St., Sparta, NC  28675.  The purpose of the meeting is to discuss school closings due to COVID-19.
    The meetings will be held at the Board of Education Central Office, 85 Peachtree St., Sparta, NC  28675. 

    The public is invited to attend all Board meetings. If you would like to speak before the Board on any issue relating to Alleghany County Schools, please call or email Sharon Lyons at the Central Office, 336-372-4345, for details and to schedule an appearance.

    The agenda for each regular monthly meeting will include a time period for citizens to address the Board of Education through public comment. Prior to each meeting a form will be available for any individual or group to indicate a desire to address the Board of Education and the topic to be addressed. A three-minute time limit will apply to each speaker. Groups are to select one spokesperson to address the Board of Education on the group’s behalf.

    Members of the Board of Education will not respond to individuals who address the Board of Education except to request clarification if needed. Only in cases of emergency will information received during this presentation be acted upon at the time of presentation.

    Grievances, complaints, or concerns related to individual school personnel or students will not be heard at this forum. Other channels have been established for the consideration and disposition of a grievance, complaint, or concern that involves school personnel or students. The superintendent will discuss with, and make available to, any individual or group the policies and procedures for this purpose.