1. How do I contact my child’s teachers?

    Visit the online Staff Directory. Locate the teacher’s name. Once on the appropriate webpage, you will find their email address and a link to their website. You may also call the school and leave a message on their individual voice mail: 336-372-4554. Each teacher has an extension. Please be aware that all outside calls automatically default to voicemail. This prevents classroom interruptions.

          2. Important Phone Numbers:

      • Main Office: 336-372-4554
      • Student Services Office: 336-372-5095
      • Attendance: 336-372-4554
      • Cafeteria: 336-372-8011


    1. Who are the AHS Guidance Counselors?

    Visit the Student Services webpage to view the counselors and their informative links.

    1. What are the daily meal prices for students?

    Breakfast - $1.00,   Lunch - $2.10

    1. What is Trojan Breakfast?

    We begin each day at 7:30am with Trojan Breakfast.  This is an opportunity for students to receive small group instruction with their teachers and to do makeup work.  Clubs and other meetings are also held during this time. Days are committed to certain subjects:   Monday & Thursday - Math, Social Studies and Career and Technical Education (CTE). Tuesday & Friday - English, Science, Spanish, Art & Band

    1. How do parents access their children's grades?

    Parents and students are encouraged to access Powerschool link.  Parents will need their child’s ID number to complete the registration.  This is the ID number used in the Cafeteria. This number can be found on your child’s report card.

    1. What are AHS school fees?

    Freshmen - $50 instructional fee, Sophomore - $50 instructional fee, Junior - $50 instructional fee & the PROM fee which starts out as $25 and increases by $5 each month starting in January 2019. Senior - $50 instructional fee, Graduation $30 and the PROM fee of $50 if you didn’t attend as a Junior.  Any fees not paid will be added to the students account to be paid before graduation.

    1. What is G.R.I.T?  AHS school and classroom expectations.
    • Genuine
    • Respectful
    • Integrity
    • Tenacity


    1. What are the attendance guidelines for AHS?

    Please reference the section in our Student/Parent Handbook starting on page 83.

    1. What if I need a transcript?

    You can access the Transcript link and complete the required form fields.