Fifth Grade Supply List

  • multicolored letters spelling out welcome to fifth grade

    The following items are for all three classes for 5th grade. Some of these items may need to be replaced or replenished throughout the year. Due to COVID-19 there will be NO SHARED SUPPLIES ALLOWED. Your child will be responsible for having pencils, colored pencils, scissors, earbuds, glue, highlighter, eraser and sharpener in their zippered pencil pouch for their personal use throughout the day.


    • Backpack - LARGE (NO wheels)
    • Zippered pencil pouch - LARGE
    • Pencils for the year (just need a few at a time in pencil pouch)
    • Ear buds for the year (must be replaced as needed)
    • 1 pack of 12 colored pencils
    • 1 pack of 8 Crayola colored markers
    • Pencil sharpener (small with shavings holder)
    • Scissors
    • Small bottle of white glue
    • Tissues


    • 2 - 3 subject spiral notebook, wide ruled
    • 1 Pink eraser
    • 1 Expo marker


    • Zippered 3 ring binder with organization pockets - such as MEAD brand
    • 5 - Single subject notebooks
    • 1 - Plastic heavy duty folder with prongs & pockets


    • 2 Marble composition notebooks
    • 2 Paper folders with prongs & pockets

    Optional Classroom Needs:

      • Clorox wipes (if available)
      • Hand Sanitizer (if available)
      • Gallon and quart size freezer bags
      • Page protectors

    *Updated on 7/9/20*