Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is Title I Eligibility Determined?

    Each school's percentages of Direct Certification (DC) students under the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) program are used as the criteria of eligibility for receiving Title I funds.

    Two Types of Eligibility:

    • Targeted Assisted- May serve only students who have the greatest need for academic assistance as determined by multiple criteria
    • Schoolwide- May serve all students within in the school; may upgrade the operation of the entire school

    Targeted Assisted vs. Schoolwide:

    • In order to qualify as a targeted assisted school, the school's CEP percentage must be at least 35%
    • In order to qualify for schoolwide status, at least 40% of the school's total enrollment must qualify for Direct Certification

    Flexible Use of Funds:
    Schools that qualify for schoolwide status may use their funds to pay for educational programs that will benefit the entire school population which includes:

    • At-Risk
    • Academically Gifted
    • Exceptional Children
    • English Language Learners

    What Kinds of Services?

    • Additional teachers to reduce class size
    • Instructional Specialist 
    • Tutoring
    • Teacher assistants and other support staff
    • Purchase of materials, supplies, and or equipment
    • Professional development for teachers and staff
    • Workshops and parental involvement activities for parents