• An internship is a work-based learning experience where a student participates in the daily operations of a work site under the direct supervision of a business mentor. The internship provides a realistic environment within which a student intern learns about a particular industry or occupation and applies knowledge and skills learned in the classroom.

    The work experience should contribute to the student's career pathway helping the student to narrow their career choices.


    The student intern will agree to the following to determine credit and a grade for the internship class:

    1. Complete a minimum of 135 hours of documented work based learning in order to earn credit for the class. This time comes from multiplying 90 minutes per day times 90 days per semester.
    2. Maintain a daily record of hours and experiences on the job and turn in a completed & signed timesheet each month.  Students will keep a Journal of their experiences.
    3. Complete all initial career related class assignments and Parental Permission forms prior to beginning internship.
    4. Have a mentor evaluation completed each quarter for 30% of grade.
    5. Sign in and out as required depending upon the internship period every day.  If remaining at school the student will note it on the timesheet.
    6.    Complete a final internship paper and presentation if taking for Honors credit.  Students will present it at the end of the semester highlighting what was learned and experienced on the job.

    Overall Summary:

    Preparing high school students for their future is a big responsibility, and requires schools and businesses/agencies to work closely together to help ensure the success of our future work force.  The AHS Career Internship program allows our students to earn high school credit for volunteering as an Intern in local businesses. AHS students have the chance to work with our business partners to ensure that they develop effective and efficient work place habits while taking part in a work-based learning experience. Students will be working with area business partners to develop soft skills, that includes communication, time management, professionalism, and team work.  Students will learn valuable information about post-secondary education requirements as well.  While we know students will learn the aforementioned skills, we also encourage businesses to design the internship to be responsive to their organization’s needs.

    As a supplement to the work-based experience, student participants are required to complete activities on their own to develop an understanding of soft skills such as financial literacy, and self-awareness.  Each month students are required to complete a self-evaluation, and we ask that employers do an  evaluation of interns at the mid-term and end of term. 


    Have Questions?

    Contact Mrs. Dana Russell, Internship Coordinator


    Phone: 336.372.4554 ext. 4210