• College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC) www.cfnc.org

     CFNC allows you to explore colleges, apply to colleges, send transcripts, apply for scholarships, and more!  Follow the steps below to make sure you have an account and start exploring all CFNC has to offer.

    To Create An Account

    1. Go to www.cfnc.org/index.jsp
    2. Click on "Create an account"
    3. Follow Steps 1-3

    Explore Colleges
    1. Click on the PLAN tab; then "For College"
    2. Explore Prepare for College
    3. Explore College Search
    4. Explore Programs and Majors
    5. Explore College entrance Requirements
    6. Explore Test Prep

    Explore Careers
    1. Click on the PLAN tab; then "For a Career"
    2. Explore Learn about Yourself
    3. Explore Careers
    4. Explore Know Before You Go
    5. Explore Get a Job

    Applying to College
    1. Click on APPLY; then To College
    2. Complete a sample application for practice
    3. Click on Transcript Hub to send transcripts to colleges

    Financial Literacy
    1. Click on PAY, then Grants and Scholarships
    2. Explore FAFSA and Scholarships
    3. Click on PAY, then Loans
    4. Explore the different types of loans
    5. Access different types of tools and calculators
    *Information Retreived from CFNC.org