• We are experiencing problems with our phones.  If you need to contact our school, please email our staff and we will do our best to help you.

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    Each day 10:00 A.M. -11:00 A.M.

    Monday - Trojan Breakfast/Office Hours

    Tuesday - 1st Period

    Wednesday - 2nd Period

    Thursday - 3rd Period

    Friday - 4th Period

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  • March 20, 2020 Administrative Announcement

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  • AHS Request for Meal Delivery

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  • Información sobre el cierre de la escuela y nuestro plan para servir mejor a su estudiante...ya que son nuestra prioridad número uno. Estamos brindando tantos servicios como sea posible a los estudiantes, aunque los estudiantes no estén físicamente en la escuela. Cualquier niño de 0 a 18 años o sus padres pueden venir a cualquier escuela para recibir el desayuno y el almuerzo. Estas comidas se distribuirán en el círculo frente a AHS entre las 11 a.m. y la 1 p.m. a partir de mañana, el martes, 17 de marzo. Si eres un estudiante que vive en un área periférica y sería más conveniente ir a Glade Creek o Piney Creek School, puedes ir a su punto de recogida. Si no puede recoger las comidas, llame al 372-4554 para programar la entrega.

    Tenga en cuenta que el departamento de los consejeros estará disponible para todos los estudiantes por correo electrónico y / o Google Meet durante este tiempo. Consulte los correos electrónicos de sus estudiantes para obtener más información.

    Si los estudiantes que tienen materiales que necesitan recuperar de la escuela, sigan este horario. Cualquier Senior que necesite recoger artículos de la escuela, puede venir el martes de 9-11: 30 y los Juniors 12: 30-3. Los Sophomore pueden recoger el miércoles de 9-11: 30 y los estudiantes de primer año de 12:30 a 3.

    El trabajo de clase en línea y las reuniones de clase comenzarán mañana, 17 de marzo y continuarán hasta que regresemos a la escuela. Los maestros del primer período se comunicarán con sus alumnos con información sobre cómo unirse a una clase virtual mañana por la mañana. Las clases virtuales se llevarán a cabo de 10-11 a.m. diariamente. Reserve este tiempo diariamente para las sesiones de Zoom. Miércoles, segundo período, jueves, tercer período y viernes, cuarto período. Esta será una oportunidad para interactuar con los maestros y hacer preguntas mientras imparten instrucción.
    Visite nuestro sitio web, Twitter y Facebook diariamente para obtener información más detallada. Gracias

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  • Please be aware that the guidance department will be available for all students through email and/or Google Meet during this time. Refer to your student emails for more information.



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  • We are providing as many services as possible to students even though students are not physically in school. Any child ages 0-18 or their parents may come to any school in order to receive breakfast and lunch.  These meals will be distributed in the circle in front of AHS between the hours of 11 a.m. and 1: 00 p.m. beginning tomorrow, March 17th, 2020,Tuesday, March 17th.  If you are a student who lives in an outlying area and it would be more convenient to go to Glade Creek or Piney Creek School, you may go to their pick up point. If you are unable to pick up meals, please call 372-4554 to schedule delivery. 


    Please be aware that the guidance department will be available for all students through email and/or Google Meet during this time. Refer to your student emails for more information.


    If students who  have materials they need to retrieve from school, please follow this schedule.   Any Seniors needing to pick up items from school, you can come on Tuesday from 9-11:30 and Juniors 12:30-3 Sophomores may pick up on Wednesday from 9-11:30 and Freshmen from 12:30 -3.


    Online classwork and class meetings will begin tomorrow, March 17th and continue until we return to school. First period teachers will be contacting their students with information about how to join a virtual class tomorrow morning. Virtual classes will be conducted from 10-11 a.m. daily.  Please set aside this time daily for Zoom sessions. Wednesday, 2nd period, Thursday, 3rd period and Friday, 4th period. This will be an opportunity to interact with teachers and ask questions as they deliver instruction.     

    Please check our website, Twitter and Facebook daily for more detailed information. Thank you 


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  • Free Meal Information

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  • Parents and Guardians, please fill out the attached form to generate an email sent from AHS to allow parent and guardian access to your student's grades, attendance and missing assignments.  This will also give you access to discipline referrals if your child receives one.  If you have any questions, please call our school office.

    Parent Login Access

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  • Expectations of our student drivers can be found at the link below.  All students must fill out this fom and sign it in order to be allowed to park at school.

    Student Driver Information

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  • Parents, if your child is participating in any sport at AHS and has not registered on Final Forms, please register before the season starts.  We are shifting away from paper forms and all information will be kept private and secure online.

    Final Forms

    Parent Playbook

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  • Are you a Carolina West Wireless customer?  Their Communication4Education fundraising program helps local school systems in their communities that they serve raise additional funds.  You can help by simply choosing our school to receive a contribution when you sign up for the program.  Carolina Wireless will then donate 3% of your local monthly service fee to AHS at no additional cost to you.  Please click on the link below to register:Carolina West Wireless Communication4Education

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